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Ruxandra Anghel


This is Ruxandra, an existential psychotherapist, counselling tutor and psychologist. I created the Cartesian Expeerience XYZ project to help support the personal growth and social inclusion of the young generation. My vision is that by bringing the generations together we create more meaningful living in our society.

I have recently completed my doctorate in counselling psychology and existential psychotherapy. I am developing a second career in the meaningful world of Psychology & Wellbeing after a successful career in Communications in my early adult years. I have extensive work experience in competitive international environments. As a psychologist and counsellor, I worked with a great range of clients from the age of 7 to 97. Along with my practice and doctoral research, I am passionate about being a counselling lecturer and being part of the formation of the next generations of counsellors. 


My approach in therapy is client-focused, flexible, and also daring. Given my life experience, I am particularly skilled in working on matters of work performance and high-achiever mentality, meaningful living, and bridging the gap between generations in the professional and social worlds. My doctoral thesis looks into the experience of joy of living for the young generation. I have given several workshops in attuning the generations, a mission I am very fond of.

My client focused approach means that I will be encouraging you to grow your personal independence and thrive towards your best potential for a more fulfilling living. Flexible means that I try my best to attune to the needs of my clients and the direction in which our relationship develops. Daring would mean that I am not afraid to challenge for the best interest of my clients.

Browse my website to find out more about existential psychotherapy and how it works, read more about The Cartesian Expeerience project, and join the community.

GET IN TOUCH TO BOOK A SESSION or if you have any questions about what I do!

"Ruxandra helped me look at several aspects of my life from a different perspective and changed my outlook. Her gentle guidance and her professional suggestions provide just the right amount of nudge in the right direction."

A, India

"With Ruxandra I made sense of where I was and where I wanted to go. Together we tackled my existential crisis.It was a lot of work but Ruxandra kept me going through this dark period and into the light of understanding."

Mrs. A, UK

"I gained clarity, regained my power, realigned my boundaries. I realized how important it is to seek help when needed and accept when it is given without feeling burdened. The way Ruxandra guided the sessions and gave me space for myself made all the difference."

G, Canada

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