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Diwali and the meaning of fairytales

Happy Diwali! ✨✨✨

Somehow serendipitously I received a notification earlier today that it is Diwali. This year I missed it, though intuitively I have been lighting up candles and fairly lights in the past few days.

Diwali is the Hindu festival of light, symbolising the victory of light over darkness and of goodness over bad. What a meaningful way to wrap up the festivities of harvest and the underworld and light up the way to the magic of Christmas. ✨✨

Having existential hope in what is good is such an important life tool. A way of developing this belief is by entering the world of fairytales. The core message of fairytales is that the good always wins. It might sound foolish, but even science shows that life is better for those who believe in good.

Fairytales are timeless and ageless, hold great power and wisdom. My grandma used to say that fairytales should be a mandatory part of a child’s education. It’s never too late to treat the child within with some good magic!


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